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Specialising in the design and manufacture of motorcycle handlebars and accessories, Burleigh Bars create custom stainless steel handlebars for Harley Davidson, Victory, Triumph, Metric & custom Choppers & Bobbers.
Owned by Mr David Kurtzman, based at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, QLD.

"Born and bred in the Riverina region of NSW, bikes were a big part of my life. I started out in my trade as a boiler maker, working on silos and bending farmer’s gates. Riding all my life, my first road bikes included a Honda 4, a XS650 Yamaha, a couple of Triumph Bonneville’s, a HD Sportster then a few more Harleys then a Victory Jackpot, next an 8 Ball Hammer before I found my way onto my current rides; A Victory Cross Roads and a Harley Davidson Rocker C". -David Kurtzman

Our Mission is to take motorcycle handlebars where they have never been before. To give the customer more value than they expect to receive, in safety, style & comfort. In short, a better ride. We offer a 7 year warranty with full back up service. We are the only handlebar manufacturer, other than Harley Davidson, that manufacture our bars completely from stainless steel, and we use the best 304 American Stainless Steel available. Our bars are assembled by qualified Australian Tradesmen to provide the highest standard of manufacturing excellence.
Up Yours Imports

Our new 2" range will give you the ultimate in size, strength, comfort and wrist position. We lead the market by our dedication to quality innovation. Each new range must pass rigorous levels of quality testing in our Research, Design and Development department before being released.

Let our web site show you what me and my highly trained team have designed for your motorcycle.
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